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Teak Care

Wether you let your Teak furniture take the elements on by itself, or treat it with oils and sealers, it will provide you with a lifetime of outdoor comfort.

Taking Care of Your Teak Outdoor Furniture
The stable, durable and slow aging nature of Teak make it the ideal timber for outdoors furniture and accessories. Teak excretes a natural oil that provides a perfect barrier to the sun, snow, and rain that allows it to age gracefully year after year. Teak will not warp or rot and will maintain a smooth finish despite decades of exposure and use.

Freshly cut Teak can vary in color from deep brown and golden orange to a subtle blonde. The color of teak can change over the years depending on the technique used to treat the surface. Left unfinished Teak will slowly acquire a beautiful warm silvery grey patina. Periodic applications of teak oil or linseed oil can help maintain the original color of your furniture and specially formulated sealers and clear coats can maintain and protect the original color even longer.

Staining Teak Wood Furniture
Teak can also be stained for deeper, richer color using a high quality deep penetrating stain. Consult your local paint and stain specialist for finding the right stain and color.

We do not recommend painting your Teak Furniture, as Teak excretes its own natural oils. Furthermore, painting Teak prevents the wood from “breathing” which is necessary for graceful aging.

Cleaning Your Outdoor Teak Wood Furniture
You can clean your solid Teak furniture occasionally with a warm, soapy water solution. We do not recommend using high-powered mechanical washers as this can scar or damage the wood’s surface. You can also purchase a product called Simple Green® found at most local grocery stores for added cleaning strength on seriously soiled surfaces.

After cleaning, you may reapply teak oil, linseed oil, or sealer to provide additional weather resistance and color protection.